Lupe Fiasco-American Terrorist III

I’ve not listened to his recent mixtape, but it’s fair to say his material over the last year has met a mixed response. This track, however, shows signs of recovery and is an enjoyable listen.

If Daft Punk ever decided to take a slightly Gothic twist, it would probably sound like this production. Retro electronica, a spacey atmosphere and a generally dark vibe blend surprisingly well together, complimenting Lupe’s distorted vocals, and certainly the board work deserves credit for taking a worthwhile risk in its style. Lupe’s raps are decent, occassionally threatening to burst into controversy and retreating back to a more laidback style, whilst loosely keeping a thread of story together through the verses. Not quite on par with the original American Terrorist (does part II even exist?!), but a decent listen nonetheless.

Lupe Fiasco-American Terrorist III

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