Game and Tyler, The Creator-Martians vs. Goblins Video

I’ve not yet listened to The R.E.D. Album in full, but there’s no doubt this was the best single released prior to the full album’s release. The reasoning is three-fold: the production is hypnotising, the blend of artists works (including Wayne, who doesn’t appear in the video), and Tyler (as his Wolf Haley persona) surprises listeners by coming through with what is the show-stealing verse.

The video is as odd as you’d expect, taking place in a mental asylum of Arkham proportions, and allowing Game to have a little fun with the visual output. Lots of aggressive, psychotic mannerisms and expressions from Game, blending with the general lunacy well, whilst Tyler’s appearance is relatively tame by comparison as he mostly plays around with a cat. An entertaining enough video nonetheless, largely thanks to being heavily supported by a good track. Grab the audio on Game’s latest LP now.

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