Drake, Tyga and Lil' Wayne-The Motto Video

The second OVOXO release for today, and for what is probably my favourite song from Drake’s Take Care album. The bounce, energy and verve of the track is incredibly infectious, and certainly has a nice knock when turned up in the car.

The video generally keeps that upbeat vibe going, with plenty of action and scene switches in Drake’s verse enhancing the audio’s dynamism. That’s then counterbalanced by a more relaxed set of scenes for Wayne’s verse, matching his more laidback deliver in what remains the highlight of the track. I’ve criticised Wayne’s work in recent times, but his verse here has a real addictive quality that is visualised well with a charismatic appearance from the New Orleans native. Tyga’s managed to creep his way onto this version too, and though I’m not a big follower of his music, he does OK with his verse, largely because it seems his voice has finally broken.

Grab the track on Drake’s Take Care, available now.

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