Common-Celebrate Video

Common has been ceaselessly releasing material in the run up to his album release, and on the eve of The Dreamer, The Believer reaching fans (legally), we’re treated to the fourth video from the album.

The video begins in an extremely feelgood fashion, focusing on two different celebrations which ultimately end in the same sort of positivity, and that upbeat vibe is continued as the fantastic audio enters the fray. The light, jaunty melodies of the track are matched nicely with the energetic, uplifting visuals throughout, and crucially the video avoids over-complication by simply collecting together various celebratory scenes to enhance the audio. The finer details are still present, with Common dressed as sharp as ever, and a couple of all-star cameos mixed in the action-packed scenes, and whilst it’s not a video that you’ll clamour to watch again and again, it’s a good representation of the audio.

Be sure to grab the album on its release tomorrow!

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