Big Sean and 2 Chainz-Keep It Gee

After catching an unofficial leak a few days ago, Sean wisely decided to let loose of the final, mastered version from his upcoming FFOE (Finally Famous Over Everything) mixtape. Be warned: the reasoning for spelling ‘G’ phonetically is NOT explained.

Regardless of that ambiguity, it’s an enjoyable effort from the Detroit MC. The production is atmospheric and packed with lavish levels of bass, with an air of opulence that matches Sean’s subject matter. He tailors his delivery well too, as a more whispery style occassionally slips in alongside his regular laidback style, and as with every 2nd track that’s released into the hip-hop sphere these days, 2 Chainz is on the feature with a solid verse. Has a name change ever improved anyone’s career as rapidly as it has for 2 Chainz/Tity Boi? A nod-your-head, chillout effort that won’t spark any musical revolutions, but is an effective, enjoyable listen.

Big Sean-Keep It Gee ft. 2 Chainz

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