Young Jeezy ft. T.I. - F.A.M.E. [Video]

This song was like an announcement that both Jeezy and T.I. are back to infectiously infest our airwaves, and the video is a good job of delivering that message too. Nice materialistic video, which does well in conveying the message that the problems these stars have to go through, whilst bad in itself, ultimately is nothing compared to certain hardships, encapsulated perfectly by the following Jeezy lines from this song:

“Sometimes you wanna scream to God, but he can’t hear you
And even if you did, this’ll probably be his answer
F*** you complainin’ ’bout? It ain’t like you got cancer”

Even so, these fellas have no time for haters it seems.

So Jeezy’s album, TM103, is supposedly out soon? Looks like the Snowman is back in time for Christmas!

See what I did there? I’ll get my coat.

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