Trey Songz-Lemmeholdatbeat 2 Mixtape

The first of two free projects dropped by Trey, this one is his hip-hop effort, and admittedly it’s not going to be one I’ll be paying too much attention to. Whilst he can probably rap better than many others, the niggling feeling is that the beats he chooses to remix would be better served being done in the singing style he used to build his reputation back in 08/09, and hence it just feels a bit of a waste of his talents.

Nonetheless, Trey’s hip-hop work certainly has its fans and undeniably some of it can be relatively enjoyable. 18 tracks on this one, so the probability is that there should be at least a few worthy of a few repeat plays, and you can make your choices after grabbing the tape for free below (shouts to our friends at GWHH for the link!)

Trey Songz-Lemmeholdatbeat 2

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