The Weeknd-The Knowing Video

Difficult to believe considering his popularity, but these are the first official visuals from The Weeknd, aptly set to the opening track on his first mixtape. He’s opted to debut in style with a mini-movie, and though this may be unpopular with his new mainstream fans, I suspect the earlier followers (who I’m assuming to be a little more artsy) may enjoy it.

The video is undoubtedly a little bizarre, but patience and focused viewing reveals it to be a good visualisation of the dark, ethereal nature of the audio. The video centres around the The Weeknd and a female who once shared a ‘world’, with the subsequent seperation causing The Weeknd’s world to to crumble. The female then steals his heart and unsuccessfully attempts to crush it, ending with her world then beginning to crumble, and a satisfying bit of closure as he finally ‘lets go’.

The visual effects used throughout are excellent, with the 2D ‘Jankyvision’ creating a mixture of realism and animation that adds surrealness to the apocalyptic scenes, whilst the space setting adds a real sense of importance and atmosphere, and the dark colour palette enhances the unsettling vibe around certain scenes. The often-subtle pointers toward the lyrics of the song are a nice touch, infusing a touch of regularity to counter-balance the unusual goings on throughout. One that needs to be viewed properly for full effect, and an enjoyable watch once you’ve done so. Grab this track on his House of Balloons mixtape here.

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