The Roots-Sleep Video

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us when we live.

The latest set of visuals from the upcoming undun album, with these set to the opening track of the album, and as the album is a story told in reverse this is one of the more revealing visuals from the series they’ve released. The revealing nature of it is not merely from its placement at the beginning of the album, but also as it works in sequence with the first video we were shown from the album, offering an alternate view on the killing that takes place and all but confirming the assumption that the hooded character was indeed Redford.

As with the previous videos, there are plenty of little details that suggest further messages. Most poignant is the sheer number of people that we see walk or run past the killed youth in the hazy background, with seemingly no-one stopping to actually help, clearly an indictment on the disaffected inhabitants of violence-infested locales such as the one we’ve been shown here and in the other videos. Worth a watch, and look out for that album in a couple of weeks.

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