Reef The Lost Cauze and Snowgoons-Black Opz Video

As most of our beloved following will know by now, the OTU Live team has been working endlessly behind the scenes to bring the UK the scintillating lineup of Reef The Lost Cauze, Slaine and Snowgoons’ DJ Illegal. Now it’s my turn to step up to the plate and drop some knowledge in support of OTU’s monumental movements. Escucha y aprende.

Starting this off, here’s visuals from Reef and Snowgoons’ recent LP collaboration Your Favorite MC (iTunes). On the audio side of things, the German production powerhouse bring super-charged violin chords to create that dramatic sense of purpose whilst Reef pumps us with the cold similarities between the streets and the various war’s the world finds itself embroiled in. Like this? You’ll love the album.

Reef The Lost Cauze and Snowgoons-Black Opz

Reef The Lost Cauze, Slaine & DJ Illegal at the Vibe Bar London, Thursday 8th December

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