R&B Fridays: Episode 127

Why yes, it is a Friday!

2 relative newcomers and 2 very established artists in this week’s episode, providing plenty of diversity for all to enjoy. Whilst we’re on that number, there are 2 related posts to catch up on from the week gone by, with a SBTRKT remix of Frank Ocean’s Thinking About You, and a track from Mike Posner’s upcoming The Layover mixtape, with the full project set to drop at some point this weekend.

Click below for this week’s tasty morsels of audio replenishment.

Mary J. Blige-Feel Inside ft. Nas
-Two artists that really do suit each other: both are revered and critically-acclaimed in their respective genres, but neither has really reached the levels of mainstream success that their talents deserve. There’s a nice blend of R&B and hip-hop here, with the production providing a head-nodding 90s bounce to complement the unquestioned vocal talents of both acts, with the all-round package being a solid playlist filler.

Richard Osborne-Going On ft. Opposite
-Brand new UK talent for you to enjoy. A pop/R&B blend is the style anchor here, with a perky pop production made up of light melodies and speedy production combining with catchy R&B vocals for a simple, inoffensive slice of music that will go down well with the younger audience. Grab the full 7-track EP for free over here, should you so desire.

Elle Varner-Refill
-Very interesting one from the talented Elle Varner. Her previous track was very hip-hop influenced, and this one shows further diversity as there’s a strong country/bluegrass vibe to the production here, creating a very fresh, unique twist that is a decent listen once you’ve adjusted. Credit to her vocals from start to finish, as she sticks to a soulful style and progressively makes it work with the unusual production.

T-Pain-Bang Bang Pow Pow ft. Lil’ Wayne
-When T-Wayne get together, it’s one of two things: energy or Autotune ballad. It’s the former here, as this mostly hip-hop effort has Pain on his intense, shouty style, accompanied by a very enjoyable string-driven production, and I’m sure we’ll hear many artists giving this beat a little attention. Wayne comes through a little lazy here and breaks the momentum of the track with yet another drawled verse, but it’s still a track the mainstream fans will enjoy.

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