R&B Fridays: Episode 126

A quiet week on the R&B/pop scene (or rather, the ‘worth checking out’ section), with no posts of note to catch up on aside from the album review of Drake’s Take Care.

Pretty much exclusively fresh, upcoming artists this week though regular readers will be familiar with almost all those involved. Click below for this week’s handcrafted, lovingly-selected musical provisions.

Summer Leather Vests-Unison ft. Joe Budden
-Interesting track here from the new SLV collective, made up of Joe Budden, Emanny and friends, much in the style of the recent Cocaine 80s group formed by No I.D., James Fauntleroy and company. This has Budden switching his style up into a smooth R&B style that works surprisingly well, with his dulcet tones making the most of a soft, atmospheric production, creating a sultry slow jam vibe about the track. Very enjoyable slice of diversity, and hopefully there’s more to come.

Dev-Kiss My Lips ft. Fabolous
-I’m aware that you mainstream types need something to cling on to, though it has to be said this is quite bearable as far as chart music goes. Something about Dev is generally tolerable, and this one boasts a pretty solid production that’ll keep your head nodding, whilst Dev’s hybrid singing-rapping delivery makes for a decent show of versatility. Loso comes through with a solid verse and takes to this hip-hop influenced beat well, giving the song a good all-round feel. Worth a listen for the mainstream heads, and I expect many others will find this a guilty pleasure listen.

John West-Already There ft. Big Sean
-The soulful John West comes through with his latest single, and taps Big Sean for another G.O.O.D. Music assist. Generally inoffensive from start to finish, West oddly opts to rap the first verse, which frankly seems like a bit of a waste given that he’s got a pretty good set of vocals on him, and hence it’s a bit of a relief to hear the harmonic hook step in. Whilst it’s an OK listen all-round, having two rapped verses back-to-back seems like a bit of a structural oddity for a pop-soul singer trying to build a reputation.

Rocki Evans-Vices
-The talented Rocki Evans drops off new material, and once again brings that difficult-to-categorise style to the table with a crossover track that has a rather eerie vibe about it. The subject matter is downbeat and dark, matched by a minimal yet menacing production that allows Rocki to switch vocal styles at will, with him switching from a more solemn delivery to a more passionate one halfway through. A gritty piece of R&B with a real unique flavour.

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