Quest - The Walk [Produced By Mt. Eden]

As someone who has a lot of time for Mt. Eden, in most part for the excellent dubstep remixes of mainstream tracks, I gave this a listen after stumbling upon it (props to the Gowhere hiphop lads!).

I didn’t (and still don’t) know much about Quest, but it’s testament to his ability that I found him to be the most impressive thing about this song.

Production wise this is what Mt. Eden did with Imogen Heap’s The Walk – providing a nice choppy but frenetic beat which Quest has no problem spitting in time with, displaying an excellent double-time flow, putting to shame a lot of rappers in the game right now. If you like some light hearted raps laced with a great flow, then this will be your thing. I’ll certainly be looking out for Quest’s future stuff. Download this track below.

Quest – The Walk

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