Mr. J. Medeiros-Saudade (Free Album)

Dedicated OTU fans will recall a rather excellent track from Medeiros back in June by the name of Neon Lights, one so enjoyable that it’s yet to actually leave my ever-changing ‘go-to’ playlist on iTunes. That certainly speaks volumes for the quality of this track in a genre saturated with short-term replayability.

Onto more pressing issues: Medeiros has made  Saudade, the album Neon Lights is taken from, available for free download but only for a short period. Having been out for a few months, the album is usually only available in the usual digital outlets, and I’m sure this temporary show of generosity will help to increase his buzz and also give those of us who enjoyed his single a reminder to give the full album a listen. Free grab below, and if the aforementioned single is any indication of the album’s quality, we’re in for a good album.

Mr. J. Medeiros-Saudade

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