Mike Posner and Bun B-Rocket Man

It’s been a while since we got new music from Mike, and he’s right back on the scene with The Layover mixtape scheduled for 20th November, with this refix of the Elton John classic being the first taste of the tape.

Rather than attempting to be another cover version that falls short, this is instead a bold, modern take on the track that allows it to be entirely seperate from the original, courtesy of an electronica-inspired production that creates a futuristic atmosphere around the track. Posner’s vocals are solid throughout, and in keeping with the production attempt to utilise a more modern crossover style rather than attempting to go note-for-note with Sir Elton, whilst Bun’s contribution fits in surprisingly well as his bassy delivery contrasts well with the rest of the track. Free grab below.

Mike Posner-Rocket Man ft. Bun B

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