Lupe Fiasco-Friend Of The People Mixtape

Anticipated mixtape from Lupe Fiasco, and being the first project to follow his awful Lasers album, there’s a lot of expectation on this one from the longtime Lupe fans.

Early signs are mixed, with criticisms of the beat selection being rife, though the response to his raps seems generally more positive than those found on the aforementioned album. If his most recent track is anything to go by, the view that he’s delivered solid raps over questionable productions is quite understandable; should this be the case, I fear any hopes for a return to the excellent production and rapping found on his first two albums will be permanently dashed. With the mixed messages that followed Lasers‘ release, this seems a pivotal moment for Lupe in deciding whether to pursue a mainstream-friendly sound, or to cater for the dedicated hip-hop heads. Click below to find out which way he’s gone.

Lupe Fiasco-Friend Of The People

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