Ludacris - Bada Boom (Big Sean & Drake Diss) [Video]

Luda returns to our screens with the visuals to his much talked about (somewhat delayed) response/diss to Big Sean and Drake questioning his use of the hashtag flow. It’s a good reminder of what Ludacris is actually capable of when he’s got some fire in the belly, I haven’t heard him this heated since he decided to Stomp on T.I.

The video itself is pretty decent, paying homage to The Fifth Element with the opening sequence – instead of war, the videos this benevolent woman sees are a collection of the biggest diss records of the last 20 years or so. If there was any doubt to Ludacris’ intentions with this song, there shouldn’t be after seeing this video; he feels pretty strongly about this! No idea why he’s waited a year to get this off his chest though.

Go grab the mixtape this is from by clicking here.

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