Kendrick Lamar and Busta Rhymes-Rigamortus Remix

Many people listed the original as their favourite track from Kendrick’s excellent Section.80, with his speedy yet laidback flow winning many hip-hop heads over. So, who better to grab on the remix than a man whose own quickfire flows have made a return to the spotlight in recent months?

The combination is a good one, as Kendrick’s very enjoyable verses are supplement by an equally-likeable contribution from Busta, who tones down his natural aggressiveness to fit the mood of the track, without sacrificing the quality of his delivery. The production is unaltered and rightfully so, with the jovial horn melodies adding to the frantic nature of the track in a manner that synergises well with the raps. Definitely one to grab whether you’ve heard the original or not.

Kendrick Lamar-Rigamortus Remix ft. Busta Rhymes

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