J*Davey-Whatchalookin@ | Kill 4 Fun Video

The first official video from their upcoming debut album, New Designer Drug, and we’re treated to that wonderfully-diverse J*Davey sound that’s just so difficult to pin down.

Whatchalookin@ opens in an atmospheric, harmonic style that evolves into an electronic soul track, with smooth vocals from Jack accompanied by sharp synths, hints of edgy, alternative elements and a steady percussion. The outcome is a well-rounded track that’s anchored by a catchy hook, and also a track that contrasts excellently with the more experimental Kill 4 Fun. It’s one that will throw a lot of people off with dominating synth and electronic pulses, whilst the free-form nature of the vocals adds further anarchy. It’s a track that matches the rebelliousness of its title, and whilst it isn’t as immediately listenable as Whatchalookin@, the video for it exhibits Jack’s charisma a little more and makes for more light-hearted viewing.

Looking forward to that debut album, and hopefully this is the start of more frequent material.

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