GTA V [Trailer]

Probably the most viewed trailer in the world today, Rockstar have released some salivating footage of the next instalment of the GTA series. As you can see in the video, we’re taken back to San Andreas, the last time this setting was used was in the highly ambitious PS2 game which really pushed that hardware to its limits, and judging by the graphics on this, will be suitably pushing the PS3′s hardware to the max’ also. The beauty of San Andreas is that you’re not confined to just one city, you have free reign of the entire state. The video just gives us a glimpse of what to expect, and leads us only to ask more questions such as:

Will this carry on with CJ’s story from the previous San Andreas game, or Niko’s story from GTA IV? Or perhaps both? Will the game be mature like GTA IV, or more on the ‘crazy’ scale like the PS2 San Andreas game? Will they further improve the online aspect and even perhaps introduce a co-op mode? Will I be able to basejump or use a jetpack like you could in the PS2 version?

Will I have to make sure my character exercises and eats again?! Only time will tell.

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