Flow Machines-Any Other Day

A welcome change of pace from the hip-hop domination of the last week!

Flow Machines are an upcoming group from Manchester who have recieved plenty of critical acclaim for past remix works, and are now set to break out on their own with this fusion of electronic, pop, alternative and dance into one cohesive sound.

The synth work really anchors this track, and constantly shifts the dynamic of the song into the various genres the group looks to incorporate, creating an almost freeform track that has a very unique style and appeal. Backed by additional melodies and a soft percussion, the production is an atmospheric listen that intertwines with the lonely, isolated vocals for a mellow, easygoing track that will quietly rack up a few plays for many. The video is a solid watch too, progressively incorporating more dramatic light and action to match the pacier style of the final third.

Grab this track on the free EP over at the Flow Machines site here.

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