CyHi The Prynce - Cold As Ice [Video]

Some more eye-candy in this video, though this time it isn’t really necessary! Must admit I’ve had no real interest in CyHi in the past, and felt he was average and unable to carry a song on his own, generating a buzz purely because he’s a part of the G.O.O.D Music fam. Must say I may revise that harsh opinion on mine after hearing this. CyHi The Prynce not only flows impeccably and with confidence, but he sounds fresh in this too.

The use of the sample is great too; as good as M.O.P’s version is, I love the song that the sample is from, so I’m delighted that CyHi decided to use it in its proper form (without speeding it up chipmunk style!). Good effort, and I shall check his new stuff more closely from now on.

I believe this is from his Royal Flush 2 mixtape mixtape (which I’ve yet to listen to), so I’m going to have to listen to it now.

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