He’s been absolutely relentless (and as a result, generous!) with new releases in the last month or so, and there’s even nore new material from Common’s upcoming The Dreamer, The Believer with this track stream.

A soulful yet lively effort, the production boasts slick, light key work that blends excellently with the crashing percussion, and equally well with the male vocals on the hook and female vocals on the bridge. Common switches to a calmer rapping style than on the blistering Sweet, and comes through with a more uplifting message via some solid storytelling and consistent flows. The overall package is a very smooth listen that clearly draws influence from the Be/Finding Forever sound, and combines that with a hint of urgency and passion.

It’s shaping up to be an extremely diverse album from the tracks we’ve heard thus far (props to No I.D. for serving up such a range of productions), and the one consistent factor throughout has been Common’s tangible hunger for rapping. Can’t wait for that album on 20th December.

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