Cherri Prince-Convenient Video

The good material has been flowing today, and we roll on with the latest video from one of the better upcoming UK soul talents, Cherri Prince.

Opening with an immediately-absorbing guitar riff, the track descends into a mellow verse of melancholy and regret, displaying Cherri’s excellent vocals at their most raw. The song is then met by a lively percussion, capitalised on by a bouncier vocal delivery and more defiant lyrics from Cherri, synergising well with the step-up, and displaying a healthy dose of variety and versatility. The song alternates the two styles once again, before progressing permanently into the upbeat production, closing out the track out in memorable fashion. It’s a simple structure that works extremely effectively for the song, and ties in neatly with the video.

As progressive as the audio, the visuals gradually feature more lighting effects whilst the camera slowly pans outwards, beginning with a close-up performance shot and ending with a clever twist befitting the lyrical journey between verse and hook, making for an uncomplicated and very enjoyable video with a worthwhile payoff. Worth a watch for sure.

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