Calez-Rapping Habits Video

An upcomer given some shine a few months ago by Murray, the talented Calez comes through with brand new visuals from the follow up to his enjoyable Is Calez Famous Yet? mixtape, Kid With Raps.

Thunderous production work holds this one together, with sharp percussion and deep, jagged synths adding a real intensity and urgency to the track, with Calez bringing his relatively laidback rapping style to contrast nicely with the beat. The video enhances that rebellious streak found in Middle Finger with a humourous and charisma-filled performance from Calez as he raps his way through and escapes the ‘Anti-Swag Correctional Facility’.

Worth a watch, certainly worth a listen, and hopefully that Kid With Raps project is on its way soon. If you haven’t already, click the link above and grab his first mixtape for a solid introduction to Calez.

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