Blue Fiveone-Out the BLUE

We were treated to some enjoyable material from RDGLDGRN recently, and now it’s Blue’s turn to drop some good content in the wake of The Five One’s dissolution.

Sampling The Roots’ excellent A Piece of Light interlude from their How I Got Over album, Blue grabs hold of the soft, soulful production to let loose his first slice of solo material, and does a solid job throughout. A barrage of honest raps ensues, and whilst inevitably many will search for any shots or references to his former bandmates, credit should be given to some good introspection and insight, solid wordplay and a steady, consistent flow. The gentle production contrasts nicely with the raps, and the melodic vocals towards the end add a nice flash of diversity to the track, making this an easy listen that will slide onto many playlists.

Blue Fiveone-Out the BLUE

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