Album Review: Drake - Take Care

Following on from Ajay’s game-changing live tweet review of the excellent Childish Gambino album, Camp, I’ve followed up with live album review of my own, for an album that leaked on the same day of the previously mentioned album.

Take Care is Drake’s attempt at beating the ‘sophomore curse’, and he takes it into a very different direction to his explosive début. The build up to this album has been slightly lacklustre, has Drake managed to pull a rabbit out the hat? Those following the official OTU Twitter account already know my thoughts, the rest of y’all click on below.

1. Over My Dead Body: Fantastic beat and sample, Drake’s voice and flow is off though, it’s quite grating. Some decent lines though.

2. Shot For Me: Caught me off guard, an R&B track from the off. I’m one of the few guys who likes his R&B stuff but this one is a bit boring.

3. Headlines: Ajay slated this when it dropped (as did I) but it grew on me loads. As a street/hype single I think it’s better than Over. Video review. Audio review.

4. Crew Love ft. The Weeknd: Drake + Weeknd = instant hit for the ladies. Atmospheric and interesting production. Winner.

5. Take Care ft. Rihanna: Great feature from Rihianna. They clearly have chemistry, Drake almosts ruins it all with his awful birthday/high line though.

6. Marvin’s Room/Buried Alive: Marvin’s Room is a great piece of R&B. Kendrick Lamar features on Buried Alive with the best verse on the album. Video review. Audio review.

7. Underground Kings: Drake’s ode to UGK. Can’t hate on this, production has some much needed energy, and Drake remembers he’s a rapper!

8. Well Be Fine ft. Birdman: Groaned when I saw the feature, but Birdman thankfully barely figures on this. This track is some classic addictive Drizzy.

9. Make Me Proud ft. Nicki Minaj: Sorry, I can’t get into this at all. Boring, lazy hook & completely tailored for teenage girls. Skip, skip, skip. Audio review.

10. Lord Knows ft. Rick Ross: Has Just Blaze ever made a wack beat? No, no he has not. Brilliant production, Drake and Ricky Rozay smash it.

11. Cameras/Good Ones Go: The beat and flow from Drake on this is perfection. Completely geared to the females, but at least it sounds good.

12. Doing It Wrong: Aptly named. What’s the point of this one? Watered down rubbish that sounds like a leftover from So Far Gone. Yawn.

13. The Real Her ft. Lil Wayne & Andre 3000: This is more like it…another slow R&B track but an interesting one. Decent features too.

14. Look What You’ve Done: What is this..I don’t even..we get to hear Drake rap, but it’s almost acapella – stick to what you’re good at please.

15. HYFR ft. Lil Wayne: When Drake and Lil’ Wayne collaborate they often get it right, this is similar to She Will – basically it’s very addicitve.

16. Practice: Drake remakes my favourite Juvenile track ever (Back That Azz Up), and puts an R&B spin on it. Why would you do this. Why!?

For those that are too young to have heard that classic track: features a VERY young Lil’ Wayne!

17. The Ride ft. The Weeknd: Chilled track to close the album with another feature from The Weeknd, Drake comes through with some nice raps.

Closing comments: An album that will no doubt alienate almost all of his male fans, Drake decided to cater this album for the ladies…no doubt many of the tracks from here came from his cancelled R&B mixtape. Tries to recreate his classic So Far Gone mixtape, but falls short. If you’re into R&B though it’s a pretty decent album, but I can see many people getting bored of this quickly, which is a shame. Some definite highlights on this album for sure, but ultimately it appears Drake is catering for the same crowd that loved Nicki Minaj’s début album.

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