A$AP Rocky-Demons Video

One of my favourite tracks from the likeable LiveLoveA$AP mixtape, not least because it samples the excellent Clams Casino’s Numb instrumental.

Whilst I mostly agree with the notion that Rocky is more ‘style than substance’, there’s not too much wrong with that in truth, and his style makes for very easy, enjoyable listening. This track is demonstration of that, as he mostly delivers ‘stoner raps’ that aren’t anything particularly new, but when combined with his laidback flow and impeccable beat selection it creates an accessible all-round package that will continue to find fans. The video is fairly simple, having a generally hazy and misty effect, with the footage comprised of live shows, Rocky’s neighboorhood and various shots of the A$AP crew generally hanging out. Nothing particularly complex, and it works well enough with the audio.

EDIT: As I’m writing this, I’m advised this video wasn’t an ‘approved release’ and an official video for Wassup is on the way. Whilst not approved for release or finished, it’s clearly an official video in some capacity, and you can grab the audio on the LiveLoveA$AP mixtape here.

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