50 Cent-What Up Gangsta Pt. 2

Out of nowhere, 50 decided to let loose of the official ‘sequel’ to one of his most popular tracks, the speaker-rattling What Up Gangsta from his classic Get Rich or Die Tryin’ album.

Unquestionably, it’s a ploy to bring a little more credence to his somewhat-ignored musical output these days, and as a result the audio doesn’t match up to its predecessor at all. The heavy-hitting, head-nodding vibe of the original is replaced with a much lighter, quicker-paced track, and whilst the verses are ‘gutter’ enough, the hook feels very forced and lacks any real catchiness or memorable moment. Generally, the track feels like its missing the passion and intensity found on the predecessor, and it’s those factors that also seem to be missing from 50′s work in the last 18 months. Credit to the man for his work outside of hip-hop though, and much love should be shown for his recent Street King project.

50 Cent-What Up Gangsta Pt. 2

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