50 Cent-Stop Crying

The first single from 50′s upcoming The Big 10 mixtape, celebrating 10 years since his breakout 50 Cent Is The Future mixtape. It’s hard to believe that 50 has only truly been in the game for that long (not counting Power of the Dollar), but a testament to his success as a rapper and a businessman.

Hard-hitting with a real head-nodder of a production, 50 certainly captures some of the intensity and hunger that was missing on his last release with some aggressive raps, complementing the crashing percussion and thick bass nicely. Undoubtedly, the gritty qualities of this will win over many of the hip-hop heads, and in a scene increasingly dominated by light, R&B-influenced productions, this stands out as one of the more simple, uncomplicated hip-hop efforts in recent weeks. Good signs ahead of that mixtape.

50 Cent-Stop Crying

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