XV and Skrillex-Boss Level

New material from XV, and here Vizzy gets together with a man regarded as the US’ biggest foray into the dubstep genre, as Skrillex serves up the production (though purists assure me that his style isn’t actually ‘real’ dubstep). It’s a diverse production, with video game-esque samples that stay true to the title and artwork, and genuinely do have an early 90s gaming vibe (think games like Golden Axe), whilst the verses are packed with that dizzying, jaw-rattling bass that you’d expect from any dub-influenced track.

XV’s raps are solid enough, taking on a relatively tricky beat with relative ease and whilst it’s not exactly a lyrical masterclass, it certainly makes for a more enjoyable listen than the mainstream bragging usually found on these energetic, electronic productions. An OK track that will find a loving home in many of your libraries, but as I’m not so keen on the dub style, it won’t hang around in my rotation for too long.

XV-Boss Level

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