Wale and Rick Ross-Tats On My Arm

Let loose by Wale recently and set for his upcoming Ambition album, this one is essentially the ‘Maybach Music’-style track most folk expect Wale’s album to be dominated with, as a Lex Luger (or latest imitation) beat joins forces with predictable, braggadocios raps from Wale and Ross.

Although it’s another ominous, intense Luger (style) beat it does have its moments, with the more energetic, synth-filled hook having a catchy, memorable quality, though otherwise it sounds largely similar to the 600 other beats we’ve heard come out of the MMG in the last 18 months. The raps aren’t anything spectacular but suit the beat well enough, and though Ricky oddly mimics Kanye’s slurry sentence tail-off at times, he’s still got an undeniable charisma that blends with these productions. OK material for fans of the Luger style, relatively boring for the rest of us. Hopefully, Ambition has a little more diversity.

Wale-Tats On My Arm ft. Rick Ross

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