Unnecessary Throwback: Snoop Dogg-Sensual Seduction

A browse through my iTunes brought back this bizarre, wonderful R&B/pop/parody track from 2007, and a quick listen had me pining to watch the video again. Crammed with enough cheesy effects to make you lactose intolerant, Snoop doesn’t go with the ‘retro influence’ that many have done before and since, and instead opts to utterly marinate the video in an incredibly funny old-school style that leaves almost no detail out: star wipes, truly excellent metallic outfits, play/stop buttons, grainy film, a talk box and countless other references to 60s-80s videos.

One of the most addictive videos of the last 5 years for me, purely because it’s so utterly ridiculous, and at times you have to remind yourself this is Snoop Dogg you’re watching. Surely the most outright entertaining video of Snoop’s career, watch it and prepare for some laughs.

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