The Weeknd-Initiation

Some brand new material from The Weeknd, released in typically unexpected, sudden circumstances just under an hour ago.

A very dark effort, the most notable feature is the heavy pitch distortion on his voice throughout the track, altering his voice from a deep, demented style to a lighter, more harmonic style, with flashes of his own unfiltered vocals also creeping through intermittently. It’s a little disorienting on first listen, but a few listens unveils the effect’s intention to create a jagged, perpetually moving style, one that blends with the crashing percussion and light vocal samples to decent effect.

It also works to increase listener engagement in the lyricism, as the distortions require a close, focused listen to really catch everything on offer, with the lyrics displaying a marked improvement on some of his earlier efforts. Certainly one of his more alternative, experimental efforts, and one that may not resonate with his entire fanbase, but could certainly see new fans getting on board. No (approved) download link just yet, but there’s enough free material available with the Thursday and House of Balloons albums.

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