The Internet-They Say

From a musical perspective, it has to be said that winter is the best season. Ambient, atmospheric music really comes into its own during the dark, cold months and it’s always a perfect synergy of environment and audio.

Odd Future’s latest collective arrived a week ago with a mellow effort that had a wonderful ethereal quality, and we’re now treated to another R&B/alternative/soul crossover. The production blends sharp percussion with soft synths and samples, making for an atmospheric yet lively backdrop, whilst Syd flexes her sultry vocals, with a soft, enchanting delivery that works the production well. Newcomer Tay Walker brings forth some good vocals of his own, crooning in a real classic R&B style that adds some diversity and contrasts nicely with Syd’s work. A fantastic effort that justifies the love for winter music.

The Internet-They Say ft. Tay Walker

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