Star One and Sarah Lillie-Oh Maria

Star One are a new production duo who have been creating a name for themselves with their unique blend of Garage, Funky and Grime productions. The duo are brothers from Kent and have racked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views with their remixes. Their recent free download, The Freemixes, included some of their most popular remixes of the likes of Jamie Woon and Rizzle Kicks.

Another great talent have found their way to OTU. The production skills of the duo are superb, and Oh Maria is an superb example of that, with an addictive piano melody tied to pacey percussion and pulsating bass, making for a well-rounded and eclectic production that draws on a few styles well. Sarah Lillie is excellent throughout, with a strong, enchanting vocal performance that blends with the upbeat production smoothly, giving the track a wholesome, complete quality.

I’d wholeheartedly recommend checking out the full EP as it’s stacked with some top class productions in a range of styles: you can hear snippets of each track here, or take the plunge and grab it on iTunes now.

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