Sick Jacken-Slained Sick ft. Slaine

Usually when Psycho Realm and La Coka Nostra team up it’s something special. Brujeria from La Coka’s A Brand You Can Trust is one of my favourite tracks from either collective, and this new effort will definitely be welcomed by fans of either.

With a sample-heavy, soulful beat by West Coast producer G Rocka providing plenty of room for both MC’s to hit their stride, the track opens with an on-form Slaine reaching the levels to be expected from him recently. Sick Jacken comes through, and for me, gives the track a real 90′s westcoast vibe. The third verse is back and fourth between the two, and demonstrates how well the two compliment each other.

The track is from Sick Jacken’s new LPOutdated, and sets the bar high for the rest of the album. Download below.

Sick Jacken-Slained Sick ft. Slaine

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