Rob Murat-Know

After an exclusive nationwide premiere on MTVU in over 20 million homes and instant recognition by and, the official music video for Rob’s popular ballad, “Know…” is now available in HD worldwide! The video, directed by J. Richardson, features Johanna Botta (former Miss Peru USA and Real World Austin cast member) as the female lead.

Slowed down, smoothed out soul vibes to enjoy on this cold, dark evening. Rob opens the track superbly, immediately stamping his presence on the track with soaring vocals and oozing a maturity and confidence that gives this an instant throwback feel. That vibe continues with sultry vocals, solid lyricism and a simple, unobtrusive production, whilst the video follows suit with an uncomplicated, bright and positive style that combines with the audio for a very organic soul experience of the highest order. To quote, ‘this one is a certified baby-maker‘.

I’ve been somewhat slack in my Rob Murat coverage, and you have to go back almost exactly 2 years for our last visit to his catalogue, but I’m sure we’ll be hearing more from him after this one. Grab it on iTunes now.

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