R&B Fridays: Episode 124

This week’s episode features some true luminaries of the R&B game, including the emergence of previously-unreleased Nate Dogg material, the first such release since his unfortunate passing earlier this year.

Two posts to catch up on from the week gone by, with the star-studded video for Ne-Yo’s latest single being released, whilst The-Dream supplied visuals of his own for his collaboration with Big Sean from the 1977 album.

Click below for this week’s juicy bag of treats.

Trey Songz-Find A Place
-More enjoyable material from his upcoming Anticipation 2 mixtape (the R&B tape, versus the Lemmeholdatbeat 2 hip-hop mixtape being released on the same day). Laidback slow jam vibes on the production, blending simple claps, light keys and soft synths, whilst Trey’s passionate, addictive vocals make for an excellent fit to that backdrop.

Tyrese-I’m Home ft. Jay Rock
-Lots of atmosphere on this one, with a sombre vibe in the verses that progresses superbly into a livelier, more uplifting hook. The lyricism is a little hit-and-miss, but the delivery is relatively smooth with plenty of diversity, whilst Jay Rock’s verse fits in nicely with both the production and the general dynamic of the track. Solid effort with a very good production.

Nate Dogg-Sweet Pack of Lies
-A demo track rumoured to have been made during one of the many Detox sessions, this has a production reminiscent of the style Dre utilised on The Eminem Show, possibly timestamping it from around that period. The eerie yet upbeat production is a welcome throwback to that era, and Nate does an excellent job laying down the hook for this one, putting that unforgettably unique voice to good use with a catchy performance. On a side note, it’d be excellent to hear the verses filled in by Eminem!

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