R&B Fridays: Episode 123

A really weak week for R&B music, with most of this week’s decent content already released by the rising stars of the genre: Jhene Aiko’s latest video, Patrick Stump’s cover of Shutterbugg, Jesse Boykins’ newest visuals and Bridget Kelly’s first EP. The delay this week (as has been the case multiple times in recent months) has been purely down to a lack of content, and it’s an interesting scenario that R&B faces at the minute with such a dearth of top-class talent. Nonetheless, click below for the 123rd episode.

Chris Brown-N***as In Paris Freestyle ft. T-Pain
-It seems like the number of remixes of The Throne’s single has spiked recently, and frequent collaborators Pain and Breezy get together for their own take on the track. Chris Brown does most of the work (with T-Pain confined mostly to adlibs and the outro) and truthfully he does a pretty solid job, occassionally switching into a real fast-paced flow that is considerably better than many other ‘actual’ rappers that will inevitably tackle this beat. Nothing exceptional lyrically, but neither is the original, and this is certainly a decent remix.

Trey Song-Hunnadz
-Another talented singer who has a penchant for rapping, though the outcome isn’t quite as successful as the above effort. The production is good, with an atmospheric choir sample adding a little intensity to the track, but Trey’s slow delivery places too much emphasis on his relatively pedestrian lyricism about his masses of money: Congratulations on that Trey, but I couldn’t care less.

Fat Joe-Another Round ft. Chris Brown
-You’d think it was reaching a little to put a Joe track in here, but this is probably the most R&B track of all three this week. Chris Brown stops by with a smooth, relaxing hook delivered in that emotional style fans are so familiar with, whilst Fat Joe serenades the ladies with some bedroom raps that will have a good mainstream appeal. The production has a lot of depth and atmosphere too, and tied to its slow jam tempo, this has the potential to be a big winter hit.

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