R&B Fridays: Episode 122

Whilst the hip-hop world has been extremely busy this week, it’s been a slower week in the R&B world. Hence, there’s only the one post to catch up on from the week gone by, with a smooth, very enjoyable effort from one of the better entities to emerge from Odd Future, The Internet, though I expect many R&BF fans will also be interested in the latest single from Drake’s upcoming album.

Get your fingers at the ready, and get to clicking below for this week’s gooey treats.

Estelle and Don Cannon-Remember Me
-From the duo’s upcoming A.O.M: The Prequel, Estelle switches between rapping and singing to good effect here, and for once utilises her gifts in a more structured, useful manner. The verses are listenable, with a motivational message throughout, whilst her hook is very melodic and again has a motivational, uplifting feel that gives the track a rounded feel. Throw in a lively, upbeat production and you’ve got a very solid listen from start to finish.

Miguel-Quickie (Remix) ft. Big Sean
-The newest single from Miguel’s debut album, and one of the strongest tracks from it, with a little Big Sean sprinkled on. Essentially the same track as the original, Miguel croons out a smooth yet relatively brash hook along with some sultry verse work, over a classic slow jam production that will undoubtedly set the mood in many bedrooms, providing a modern R&B/soul blend with an old-school twist. Sean does a good job with his verse and doesn’t break up the natural flow of the song, making this official remix an excellent listen.

Rocki Evans-Funeral Song
-Even though his material is sporadic, I’d still count Rocki amongst my favourite upcoming vocalists, and this track justifies that. A simple, percussion-heavy production gives the track an acoustic vibe, which Rocki capitalises on with a raw, unfiltered performance that has a captivating organic quality in its memorable melodies and heart-wrenching hook work. A short, strong slow jam of the highest order.

R. Kelly-U-Turn
-From an upcoming slow jam maker to the king of the style, Kels comes through with a mellow, relaxing R&B effort that will rack up some plays on the cold, dark evenings. A laidback production, the subtle flashes of guitar strums, synths and clicks make for unobtrusive and likeable additions to the heavy bass, with Kelly’s vocals working the beat superbly as they remain in the middle ground between relaxation and emotion, not becoming too passionate nor too soft. Great effort, and one of the better slow jams in recent week.

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