Pac Div-Shadowboxin’ Freestyle

One of my favourite new-school hip-hop groups taking on an instrumental from (or at least related to) one of my favourite old-school hip-hop collectives, as Pac Div grab GZA’s (of Wu-Tang, of course) excellent Shadowboxin’ instrumental for an enjoyable freestyle and homage to the underappreciated original.

Whilst it’s never going to be a patch on the original, they certainly give it a very good go as each member comes through with some sharp flows and crisp deliveries, and retaining that ‘posse’ feel by virtue of all three taking it in turns to rap, offering some nice diversity. The hard-hitting yet soulful beat proves within the eclectic reach of Pac Div, and this is a remix worth checking out.

Pac Div-Shadowboxin’ Freestyle

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