Ne-Yo, Trey Songz and T-Pain-The Way You Move Video

Brand new visuals for Ne-Yo’s latest, with a couple of his more esteemed R&B peers along for the ride.

The track is a solid slow jam in a simple, uncomplicated style that has been surprisingly absent in recent years, and the video also proves a pleasant surprise by taking a typical setting for an R&B track, a strip club, and adding an unexpected touch of class to proceedings by focusing a little less on the sleaze in favour of a more sultry, smooth theme. However, that’s not to say this video is quite fitting for younger eyes, as there are certainly some rather raunchy moments!

Much like the audio, the video employs a very simple and effective style and is worth a watch for the R&B heads. Nice to see three big names of the genre come together for this too, given that they’re pretty much fighting for same spot, and equally it’s good to see a few other music luminaries pop up for cameos. Grab an early version of this track here, and keep an eye on iTunes for the official release.

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