Nas-Nasty Video

Much delayed visuals for Nas’ excellent single from way back in June, and hopefully a sign that the album is on the way.

The track only dropped out of my rotation recently, and Nas does a fine job at ensuring it’ll be re-entering with a solid video. Opening with a dichotomy of images as his more lavish side is interspersed with scenes of more basic studio shots, as the video evolves a bridge is built between each side in an extremely simple, logical manner. The extravagance is slowly shifted aside, as Nas returns to the streets in a celebratory mood, with the middle section in particular going some distance to add some positivity to ‘hood’ scenes that are usually presented in a darker, more aggressive manner, whilst the video closes with the very studio footage shown throughout, finishing the piece off with a clever, holistic ending. Uncomplicated, simple and fantastically effective, it’s a feelgood video that does the audio justice.

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