Mobb Deep and Bounty Killer-Dead Man’s Shoes

The first release from Mobb Deep’s upcoming Black Cocaine EP, and to my knowledge their first new project since 2006′s Blood Money album.

A dark, intense production signals an immediate return to the classic Mobb Deep sound, with bleak synths, creepy organ samples and crashing percussion combining for a hard-hitting beat that feels both familiar and refreshing simultaneously. The raps are aggressive enough to capitalise on the production without being too abrasive, as both Prodigy and Havoc come through sounding hungry and focused, whilst the distorted Bounty Killer vocal sample finishes things off by enhancing the eerie atmosphere on the track. It’s great to have Mobb back, and this is a welcome injection into a hip-hop scene really lacking this gritty sort of material.

Mobb Deep-Dead Man’s Shoes ft. Bounty Killer

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