Mac Miller-I Love Life, Thank You Mixtape

Is there anyone in hip-hop more in-tune with using social media than Mac? At every (major or minor) milestone he reaches on Twitter, he’s generously giving away content and after reaching 1 million followers, he lets loose of an entire mixtape mere weeks before his debut album release.

From interviews with him, and about him from other artists, you get the sense that the kid really does love the hip-hop game, and he comes across as one of the more positive, upbeat rappers in the game right now. Whilst his content and style understandably doesn’t suit many, he clearly has decent ability for a teenager, and that will continue to be honed with each release. With the album on the horizon, this will be an important tape in influencing buyers, so hopefully the content delivers: find out for yourself with the free grab below.

Mac Miller-I Love Life, Thank You

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