Lloyd Banks-Make It Stack

I’ve had Banks’ Shock The World in steady rotation since its release, and when popping up on a shuffle earlier, I had a moment not too dissimilar to this: Banks’ beat selection has been absolutely excellent for quite some time now, and with each track he releases the affinity for him as a solo artist grows into a real fandom.

Almost expectedly, the beat will engage you right from the off. A drifty, nimble melody opens over a quietened, threatening synth, and shortly after the track explodes into life with an upscaling of both elements thrown together with a luscious bass and sharp additional percussion. Lloyd’s raps are laidback and very easy-on-the-ear, fitting the mellow production exceptionally, whilst his echoed hook has a similar effect. The end result is a very replayable hip-hop effort that will be thoroughly enjoyed on those dark journeys back from work.

Lloyd Banks-Make It Stack

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