Kidda - The Whistler [Video]

“After the success of the first Kidda album, ‘Going Up’ including two high profile syncs (Bacardi and Warner leisure) and the Herve remix of ‘Under The Sun’ which was one of the biggest dance tracks of 2008, Kidda took a step back, released a remix album (‘Go Up To Get Down’), and now has a brand new long player to unleash on the world!

‘Hotel Radio’ is more pop than dance with radio-friendly three-minute pop anthems that zing with joie de vivre alongside your Daft Punk dancefloor fillers and the first single ‘Wanna Be Loved’ was released 1st August featuring remixes from Stupid Fresh and Benji Boko.”

Great song this, with a vibe that’s complimented well by the fantastically nostalgic visuals!

The album Hotel Radio is out on October the 17th, and Kidda is playing a gig tonight in London at Queen of Hoxton. You can actually watch the gig live on which is a 3D virtual world platform to share music and aims to be the next best thing if you’re unable to make the show!

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