Kendrick Lamar-5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

One of hip-hop’s current favourite sons, and Kendrick does plenty to justify that love here. Taking on five productions each wildly different to the other, Lamar opens on a soft piano laced production, and is quickly pushed into a throttling dubstep beat. Up next is an acoustic effort driven by a soft guitar melody, followed by a textbook lounge music production (or, the sort of music you’d hear in a hotel lift) and finally, Kendrick is thrown a very metal/heavy rock style production. Whilst the lyricism isn’t going to turn anyone’s house upside down, credit should be given for the bravery of tackling a series of incredibly difficult productions, and outside of a few short breakdowns, he does a solid job with his flows.

Kendrick Lamar-5 Fingers of Death Freestyle

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