Jhene Aiko-My Mine Video

You could do an awful lot worse than to wake up to this mellow effort from the excellent Jhene Aiko’s sailing.soul(s).

Jhene’s smooth, naturally laidback voice blends extremely well with the strong songwriting here, packed with back-and-forth, undecided emotion and plenty of reminiscing, and it’s the unique brand of vocals she has that really makes the most of the lyrics. The soft production certainly helps, with light, airy synths adding to the wistfulness, whilst a sharp production adds a little dynamism and strength to the track, preventing it from slipping past relaxation to boredom.

The video is relatively uncomplicated, with plenty of hazy scenes representing the rough attempts at memory recollection, whilst some of the more unusual scenes (such as laying on the stairs) will resonate with viewers as those moments of unexplainable actions that many don’t admit to occurring when emotions come in to play. Generally solid, and represents the audio well. Grab this track on the free album/mixtape here.

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